Blog: Celebrating Ramadan in Mumbai

The month of Ramadan (or Ramzan in Urdu), which ends on 18 August this year, is an excuse for an all-night food festival. Nowhere more so than Mumbai’s Mohammed Ali Road, which becomes a ‘kilometre-long buffet’

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For those who’ve been over (but not on) Mohammed Ali Road, it’s hard to picture the blighted stretch underneath as an all-night, kilometre-long buffet. What’s even harder is finding your way to where the meat is – unless you know where you’re headed.

Gustation is concentrated in two zones: Bohri Mohalla and Minara Masjid. The former is the quieter of the two, and packs up by midnight. From Mohammed Ali Road, look for the bright orange sign of Saifee Ambulance on the west side. It’s not rare to see BMWs parked alongside the charcoal grills.

Minara Masjid’s vertiginous green minarets are hard to miss. IM Merchant Road will, as Eid approaches, overflow with bodies like a local train. Be prepared to hover for seats. It makes a great last stop, as the many varieties of mithai (sweets) will satisfy even the sweetest tooth.

Insomniac adventurers can follow the action all the way up to (or down from) Nagpada Junction. Distances are walkable and even the narrowest streets are floodlit. Only the sunrise will stop you from trying it all.

Check out what to out eat where on Mumbai’s Mohammed Ali Road with this downloadable map

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